• Plato's Timaeus II (The New School, Spring 1999)
Plato's Timaeus II (The New School, Spring 1999)
Plato's Timaeus II (The New School, Spring 1999)
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Plato's Timaeus II (The New School, Spring 1999)

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Collection: Seth Benardete papers ➔ Series: Series I. Reading Notes on Literary and Philosophical Texts (NA000501.01)

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Lecture notes for a course. As described in the New School course catalog, an attempt is made to interpret the enigmatic speech of Timaeus in light of its setting: Socrates' abbreviated account of the best city in speech (presumably of the Republic) and Critias' summary of the best city at war - to have been filled out in the incomplete Critias. Why is so elaborate a cosmology set among political considerations? What bearing does this have on Socrates' noncosmological account of the whole in the Republic and his playful version of a cosmology in the Philebus? Why does Timaeus split his account in such a way that its two parts cannot be put together? This difficulty leads directly into the problem of time that in itself represents the Platonic perplexity - the relation of soul and mind.
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Seth Benardete (author)
New School for Social Research (New York, N.Y. : 1919-1997). Graduate Faculty. (host institution)
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