Audio monologue by Martica Sawin on teaching Art History
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Audio monologue by Martica Sawin on teaching Art History

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Parsons School of Design Centenary Oral History Project

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Digital Audio
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In this audio monologue, Martica Sawin explains how she was hired to teach Art History at Parsons School of Design in 1967. She details efforts to expand Art History instruction both before and after Parsons began to issue bachelor's degrees, an ability made possible by Parsons' affiliation with The New School in 1970. While recollecting details about students and faculty during the 1960s, Sawin describes the counter-cultural atmosphere in the United States and how it influenced Parsons, specifically the exhibition, “My God! We’re Losing a Great Country” and the work of photographer Benedict J. Fernandez (interviewed for this project). Sawin also relates the creation of the main Parsons exhibition space, the Parsons Exhibition Center, and a large show of Works Progress Administration artists in the gallery.
February 10 1994
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Martica Sawin (speaker)
New School (New York, N.Y.). New School Archives and Special Collections (publisher)
Parsons School of Design (producer)
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