Audio interview with David C. Levy
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Audio interview with David C. Levy

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Collection: Radical Shifts: Reshaping the Interior at Parsons (1955-1985) oral history project

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In a telephone interview with Wendy Scheir from his office in Maryland, David Levy describes the creation of Parsons School of Design's Environmental Design Department from his vantage point as director of admissions at Parsons in the 1960s, then vice president of operations, and, when the school merged with The New School, as executive dean of Parsons. Levy discusses the establishment of the environmental design curriculum under program director Allen Tate, and talks about the conflict between those committed to keeping the longstanding interior design curriculum intact and those eager to wholly replace the old program. Levy reminisces about the building Parsons occupied prior to its move to Greenwich Village in 1971, recounting an episode in 1970 when Parsons students elected to hold an exhibition in solidarity with the national student strike held in the aftermath of the killing of protesters at Kent State University, and reflecting upon changes in the student body as Parsons became a degree-granting institution.
October 13 2010
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Wendy Scheir (interviewer)
David C. Levy (interviewee)
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