Audio interview with Wid Chapman
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Audio interview with Wid Chapman

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Collection: Radical Shifts: Reshaping the Interior at Parsons (1955-1985) oral history project

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Interviewed by Joanna Merwood-Salisbury, Wid Chapman discusses his role in the re-formation of a Bachelor of Fine Arts Interior Design degree in 1993, when the program was established as a field of study separate from the Environmental Design program. Chapman notes that the new program was propelled into being, at least in part, under the force of influence of alumni of the pre-Environmental Design program, who had never been happy that interior design had been absorbed into the broader environmental design curriculum. Chapman describes the program's strong connections with other interior design programs in New York City, comments upon the sea-change to the field with the introduction of computer-aided design, and describes the program as an "interesting combination of old and new" modes of teaching and thinking about interior design. He also discusses the establisment of a materials library and computer lab from a bequest by the estate of Parsons alum Angelo Donghia, and the school's affiliations with schools in Korea, Japan, the Dominican Republic, France, and, later, Malaysia and Singapore.
November 11 2010
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Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Design Archives Parsons the New School for Design (publisher)
Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Design Archives Parsons the New School for Design (producer)
Parsons School of Design. Environmental and Interior Design Department (subject)
Joanna Merwood-Salisbury (interviewer)
Wid Chapman (interviewee)
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