Audio interview with Don Porcaro
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Audio interview with Don Porcaro

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Don Porcaro was interviewed by Wendy Scheir, director of The New School Archives, and Anthony Aziz, professor of fine arts at Parsons School of Design on December 19, 2017 at The New School. In the beginning of the interview, Porcaro discusses his family background, growing up in Caldwell, New Jersey, and how he became interested in art. He goes on to talk about how he was hired at Parsons in the 1970s to establish a sculpture studio shortly after the fine arts program had been created. The bulk of the interview focuses on these early years of the fine arts program at Parsons, including a detailed discussion of the different spaces and buildings that housed the program. Porcaro also shares his philosophy as an art teacher, and mentions some of the students and faculty he worked with during his years at Parsons. At the end of the interview, Porcaro talks about the fine arts program's place within Parsons, and Parsons' place within The New School.
December 19 2017
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