Object Title

Getting There: A Life in Art and Design

Part of

Parsons School of Design Marketing and Promotional Materials Collection

Material Category
Digital Moving Image
Type of Work
Most likely produced as a recruitment tool for attracting students to study at Parsons School of Design, the film intersperses a roundtable discussion between Parsons faculty, led by the executive dean, David C. Levy, with individual students directly addressing the viewer, discussing how they came to attend Parsons, their experience of studying at Parsons, and their hopes and concerns about pursuing a life in art and design. Topics discussed by both faculty and students include qualifications for admission, the grueling Parsons curriculum, the joys and drawbacks of attending school in New York City, and thoughts on students' post-Parsons careers. Includes montages of student work and images of New York, Los Angeles, and Paris. Music composed and performed by students in the Jazz and Contemporary Music Program at The New School. Digitized from a poor quality VHS videotape that had been transferred from a 16mm film. The New School Archives holds only the VHS, not the original 16mm film.
Related people
David C. Levy (speaker)
Larry Rivers (speaker)
Jack Lenor Larsen (speaker)
Robert Andrew Parker (speaker)
James Wines (speaker)
Donna Karan (speaker)
Art Kane (speaker)
Henry Wolf (speaker)
Carlotta Maggi (speaker)
Maria Smilor (speaker)
Mark Waldrop (speaker)
Nathalie Rozot (speaker)
Alex Fung (speaker)
Abigail Moore (speaker)
Torrie Rosenzweig (speaker)
Jason McDonald (speaker)
Scott Wipperman (speaker)
Shawn Wynia Rank (speaker)
Michael Robert Soluri (director)
Rich Malkames (director of photography)
Parsons School of Design (commissioner)
Ron Hayward Jones (speaker)
Chris Walker (composer)
Larry Goldings (composer)
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