• Reframing Daylight Perception
Reframing Daylight Perception
Reframing Daylight Perception
Reframing Daylight Perception
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Reframing Daylight Perception

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Collection: Parsons School of Design MFA Lighting Design program theses ➔ Series: 2015 (PC020404.14)

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Space and form have no presence in the absence of light. Yet while optical and other physical sciences inform us about the complex relationship between space, form and light, they have a more difficult time capturing the phenomenological aspect of this relationship. This thesis will introduce the concept of lightecture as a generative concept that will study the phenomenological behavior of light. Based on the conviction that all work of architecture provokes an experience that transcends its material condition, this study is interested in how immaterial light contributes in the generation of experience in architecture. The choice of the Vera List Courtyard provides an opportunity to re-frame our quotidian experience to capture its intrinsic qualities of light and to present them differently. Additionally, choosing the equinoxes as time frame allows to seek for the singularity of light in this unique moment of balance and symmetry, whitin the always changing and moving state of daylight.
Related people
Florencia Daniela Castro Ramirez (designer)
Peter M. Wheelwright (thesis advisor)
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