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An Alternative View

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Parsons School of Design MFA Lighting Design program theses2007 (PC020404.06)

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In-depth research has led to the conclusion that daylight and view are essential components within any interior space. Daylight offers various psychological and physiological benefits while view creates a strong connection to the surrounding environment providing information on the time of day, changes in weather, and an indication of the events occurring all around. A view also provides a sense of orientation to the interior viewer and a feeling of place or belonging. People are instinctively drawn to a view for reasons that cannot necessarily be explained. Is it the movement, depth, or contrast of color and light that mainly appeal to us? In addition, the desire to be immersed within nature or to gaze out and observe natural elements is subconsciously ingrained within our fundamental existence. Within the confines of an interior space, the window represents our point of connection and affords us a view of our immediate surroundings and beyond. So what happens within an urban setting such as Manhattan where daylight and view come at a premium and aren’t necessarily plausible within all interior spaces? This project proposes an alternative concept that explores the idea of bringing in the crucial elements of daylight and view through the use of a virtual window. The virtual window offers site-specific images that replicate the actual views and document changes of time, weather, and movement or events occurring within the surrounding environment. The virtual window challenges not only the format of the traditional window but also the concept of reality by exploring the alternative of view as digital representation. Is it possible to achieve a connection to the natural and urban environment, in turn creating a more habitable, productive and healthy indoor environment through the use of new technologies and light?
Related people
Erin Devries (designer)
Alexa Griffith Winton (thesis advisor)
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