Life Underground
Life Underground
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Life Underground

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Series 16. 2020Parsons School of Design MFA Design and Technology Program Theses

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Life Underground is an immersive audio experience that encourages active ridership and invites participation in the creation and documentation of the collective life of the NYC subway. A final version of Life Underground takes shape as a web application that enables users to access and navigation through a series of audio playlists as they ride the subway. Each playlist is unique to a subway line and direction, filled with crowdsourced narratives, anecdotes and soundscapes specific to the stations and the spaces in between. As a context ridden with issues, more notably throughout 2019-2020, Life Underground does not wish to fix problems, but create an experience out of the history and communal narrative of subway riders. It is designed to be an ever-changing library of transient stories, allowing rider-listeners to contribute with their personal thoughts and anecdotes, to build upon them, with their own voices.

Creator Keywords:
urban experience; interactive audio; subway; application design; product design
April 29 2020
Related people
Zinah Bazarbashi (designer)
Jamie Lauren Keiles (thesis advisor)
Katherine Moriwaki (thesis advisor)
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