The Word:An interactive installation embodying a ritual gesture and a poetical experience
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The Word:An interactive installation embodying a ritual gesture and a poetical experience

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Collection: Parsons School of Design MFA Design and Technology program theses ➔ Series: 2015 (PC020402.11)

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Designer's statement: The Word is an information sculpture, an interactive web application, a ritual performance and also a poetical experience. It is a representation of how a couple enhances and symbolizes their emotions through a ritual gesture based on language. It is also an approach to display the text of a ritual gesture without any tangible carriers. By presenting with the ritual moment involved in producing an emotional text message, and transforming this message into a permanent hologram image, the message becomes a special symbol, which stands for a period of emotion. People always enjoy symbolizing their love and romantic relationship by writing down their names on a physical object. But we are seldom aware of the emotional and mental influence from the physical message carriers. However, digital technology seems to have replaced writing on a physical object, the message carrier could also be replaced by digital data. Thus, with the assistance of technology it is possible to complete a ritual gesture based on language without any tangible carriers and save the emotional words forever.
May 10 2015
Related people
John Sharp (thesis advisor)
Barbara Morris (thesis advisor)
David Carroll (thesis advisor)
Andrew Zornoza (thesis advisor)
Feng Yuan (designer)
Parsons the New School for Design. Design & Technology Dept. (sponsoring body)
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