Psychiatry and Law (Tape 1 of 5)
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Psychiatry and Law (Tape 1 of 5)

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American Cities: Law, Survival and the Administration of Justice Event Recordings

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1/4 inch audio tape
This audio recording is of one of a series of sessions held at The New School, entitled: "American Cities: Law, Survival and the Administration of Justice." This recording contains the introduction to the psychiatry and law session, and the address of the first speaker, New School Professor of Sociology Ernest Van Den Haag. Attorney Joseph Lobenthal introduces the panelists, reviews the question of the proper role of psychiatrists in the courtroom, and introduces Van Den Haag, who speaks at 6:57. Van Den Haag argues that psychiatrists have no role in the courtroom and that their recommendations in the judgments and sentencing of defendants amount to disguised moral judgments. According to Van Den Haag, the primary purpose of criminal punishment is not rehabilitation, but deterrence, and the attribution of crime rates to levels of poverty has not shown a valid correlation, but rather relates to the rational social cost of committing a crime.
November 3 1971
Related people
New School for Social Research (New York, N.Y. : 1919-1997) (producer)
Ernest Van Den Haag (speaker)
Joseph S. Lobenthal, Jr. (moderator)
Reel # 1 Introduction Mr. Gallent 1st Speaker Van Den Haag Speed 7 1/2 IPS (container)
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