Social Change, Revolution and the Courts (Tape 4 of 5)
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Social Change, Revolution and the Courts (Tape 4 of 5)

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American Cities: Law, Survival and the Administration of Justice Event Recordings

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Physical Audio
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1/4 inch audio tape
This audio recording is of one of a series of sessions held at The New School, entitled: "American Cities: Law, Survival and the Administration of Justice." This recording contains the fourth part of the session on social change and the courts, which contains an open discussion between panelists. Moderator attorney Martin Gallant opens the floor for discussion, and at 00:50 author and critic Nat Hentoff commends New York City Criminal Justice Coordinating Council director Henry "Hank" Ruth's advocacy for social programs, and condemns the lack of transparency in legislative procedures regarding funding for such programs. At 3:57, attorney Gerald Lefcourt notes the necessity for reforming the economic system given the current distribution of funds. At 6:43 Ruth notes that New York City has doubled its budget for criminal justice, and that the problem is one of allocation. The panelists debate the relative importance of goverment surveillance in criminal justice, and at 18:35, the floor is opened to audience questions, the topics of which include: the city crime rate, the reality and myths surrounding government surveillance, and specific changes to create reform in criminal justice.
November 10 1971
Related people
New School for Social Research (New York, N.Y. : 1919-1997) (producer)
Nat Hentoff (speaker)
Gerald B. Lefcourt (speaker)
Henry S. Ruth (speaker)
Martin Gallent (moderator)
Tape 4 Rebuttal Intro Gallent Hentoff Gallent Lefcourt Hentoff Ruth Hentoff Lefcourt Ruth Hentoff over (container)
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