Psychiatry and Law (Tape 5 of 5)
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Psychiatry and Law (Tape 5 of 5)

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American Cities: Law, Survival and the Administration of Justice Event Recordings

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Physical Audio
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1/4 inch audio tape
This audio recording is of one of a series of sessions held at The New School, entitled: "American Cities: Law, Survival and the Administration of Justice." This recording contains the last part of the question and answer period of the psychiatry and law session. Questions include: the accuracy of psychiatric tests in measuring violent tendencies, which forensic psychiatrist Daniel Schwartz argues are not accurate and psychiatrist Renatus Hartogs argues are becoming close to accurate, the potential use of pathological liars as witnesses in court cases, to which sociology professor Ernest Van Den Haag responds that it is up to the court to decide the veracity of a witness, and the societal causes of psychiatric illness, to which Dr. Hartogs states that each individual may react differently to the same social pressures.
November 3 1971
Related people
New School for Social Research (New York, N.Y. : 1919-1997) (producer)
Joseph S. Lobenthal, Jr. (speaker)
Daniel W. Schwartz (speaker)
Renatus Hartogs (speaker)
Ernest Van Den Haag (speaker)
Reel 5 Part II Rebuttal Answers + Question Speed 7 1/2 (container)
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