Psychiatry and Law (4 of 5)
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Psychiatry and Law (4 of 5)

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American Cities: Law, Survival and the Administration of Justice Event Recordings

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1/4 inch audio tape
This audio recording is of one of a series of sessions held at The New School on the subject of law and justice in American cities. This recording contains a portion of the question and answer period of the November 3, 1971 event on psychiatry and law. Attorney Joseph Lobenthal summarizes the arguments made by the panelists, and recognizes New School Professor of Sociology Ernest Van Den Haag, who speaks at 0:46, arguing that the idea of committing individuals to psychiatric treatment on the basis of their propensity for violence without any crime having occurred is an infringement of civil liberties and that prison sentences for criminal offenses serve as a social deterrent. At 9:39, forensic psychiatrist Daniel Schwartz rebuts Van Den Haag's assertion that crime serves as a deterrent in the case of psycopathy, although he acknowledges the inadequacy of treatments for the condition. Dr. Schwartz also disagrees with the opinion of psychiatrist Renatus Hartogs that violence can be predicted with certainty in a given case. Dr. Hartogs responds at 14:56. Question topics raised by the audience include: punishment versus rehabilitation, and the objectivity of psychiatrists.
November 3 1971
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New School for Social Research (New York, N.Y. : 1919-1997) (producer)
Joseph S. Lobenthal, Jr. (speaker)
Ernest Van Den Haag (speaker)
Daniel W. Schwartz (speaker)
Renatus Hartogs (speaker)
Reel 4 Part 1 Rebuttal - Lobenthal A) Van Den Haay Hantug Lobenthal B) Schwartz Lobenthal C) Hartogs Speed 7 1/2 Answers and Question (container)
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