Psychiatry and Law (Tape 3 of 5)
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Psychiatry and Law (Tape 3 of 5)

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American Cities: Law, Survival and the Administration of Justice Event Recordings

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Physical Audio
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1/4 inch audio tape
This audio recording is of one of a series of sessions held at The New School, entitled: "American Cities: Law, Survival and the Administration of Justice." This recording contains a portion of the question and answer period of the November 3, 1971 event on psychiatry and law, and a statement by psychiatrist Renatus Hartogs in response to panelist Daniel Schwartz. The recording begins with a description of the McNaughton rule for determining the sanity of a criminal defendant. This is followed by a statement by Dr. Renatus Hartogs in defense of the use psychiatry for both the prevention of crime and the rehabilitation of criminals, and the use of psychiatric testimony in court proceedings for the understanding of criminal motivations and the causes of crime.
November 3 1971
Related people
New School for Social Research (New York, N.Y. : 1919-1997) (producer)
Joseph S. Lobenthal, Jr. (speaker)
Daniel W. Schwartz (speaker)
Renatus Hartogs (speaker)
Reel 3 Speakers 1) Lobenthal 2 Schwartz 3 Hartog Speed 7 1/2 (container)
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