• Talking with People
Talking with People
Talking with People
Talking with People
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Talking with People

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Collection: New School Human Relations Center event recordings

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Physical Audio
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1/4 inch audio tape
Talks delivered by a succession of students in the class, Talking with People, taught by Bernice Kamsler. The 1977 course catalog describes the class as follows:

"In daily living, ideas, convictions, attitudes are mainly negotiated through speech. By it, first impressions are formed; by it, we do or do not get across the point we wish to make; by it, we exchange ideas and broaden our concepts; by it, our interpersonal relations are basically affected. A workshop course in effective speaking through development of skills in diction, reading aloud, speaking before groups, techniques of discussion and of listening. Emphasis on developing self-confidence, understanding and how to convey meaning, speech structure and organization, leadership and participation roles, language style. Individual appraisal, practical help and guidance, tape recordings."

The first part of the recording on NS070210_000006_b_p01 has a loud noise that mostly obscures the speakers' voices. This clears up at minute 6:53.

circa 1967 – 1982
Related person
New School for Social Research (New York, N.Y. : 1919-1997). Human Relations Center (producer)
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box nav_2, reel NS070210_000006

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