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The Puerto Ricans: An Integrated Community Faces a Segregated Society

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Collection: American Race Crisis Lecture Series audio recordings

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Joseph Monserrat discusses the Puerto Rican experience as a colony and as principality; he also emphasizes the Puerto Rican community’s integrated nature. Monserrat explains that segregation has never been legally sanctioned in Puerto Rican society, and relates it to contemporary difficulties faced by the Puerto Rican community in segregated American society. Monserrat relates this struggle to the American race crisis, which he calls an American race revolution, and to struggles in the global South and among persons of color worldwide, which he calls “the Color Revolution.” Monserrat gives a historical perspective on the role of colonialism and slavery in the evolution of contemporary Puerto Rican society. He also gives an overview of the processes of immigration and assimilation. Monserrat references Martin Luther King, Jr., repeatedly. During the question and answer portion of the lecture, Monserrat responds to questions on Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., the desegregation of and proposed second boycott of New York City public schools.
February 13 1964
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Joseph Monserrat (speaker)
New School for Social Research (New York, N.Y. : 1919-1997) (sponsoring body)
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