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The Gallery and the Collector

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Collection: New School Art Center audio recordings of public programs

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Sam Kootz, recently-retired New York gallery director, offers an overview of the role of a gallery and successful operating strategies for galleries. Kootz emphasizes the importance of a gallery having a “vision” and to not “operate as a department store, offering all kinds of things for every taste.” Kootz presumes a certain level of knowledge and savvy among collectors, but also outlines various “types” of collectors, with some degree of satire. Kootz lists several collectors he admires, including Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, Vera List, and Frank Stanton. He also discusses attempts at tax fraud by collectors, as well as the collaboration between the Art Dealers Association with the Internal Revenue Services Bureau. He also describes his own work as an independent art consultant with corporations, architecture firms, foundations, and his own gallery, from which he had since retired. He spends a good deal of time discussing key movements in twentieth century art, including abstract expressionism, Pop and Op, and minimalism (especially minimalist sculpture). He also describes the impact of Pop Art, and specifically, serial prints and artist multiples, on the art market. In particular, Kootz expands on artists Hans Hoffman, Pablo Picasso, and Frank Stella. Kootz also mentions a recent exhibition of sculpture at the Whitney (likely “Annual Exhibition 1966”). The question and answer period covers the practice of appraisal and authentication, and the art world in the 1960s.
February 8 1967
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Samuel Melvin Kootz (speaker)
New School Art Center (New York, N.Y.) (producer)
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