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Artist and Society Round Table Discussion

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Collection: New School Art Center audio recordings of public programs

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Roundtable panel featuring artists Leonard Baskin, Helen Frankenthaler, and Lester Johnson, along with social critic and sociologist Ernest Van Den Haag, moderated by August Hecksher, then Parks Commissioner for New York City. This panel was developed as a companion program to “The American Conscience,” the second exhibition in a series titled “Art and Society,” presented by the New School Art Center. The panel considers subjectivity as well as social conscience, examines the relationship between art and life, and explores whether a truly American style can be effectively articulated. The idea of a “new humanism” is also explored. The event was attended by an audience of over 800. Associated print materials contrast American abstract expressionist style with its Cold War antithesis, Soviet realism. A report on the exhibit was broadcast on the federal government’s Voice of America service; it appears to have been covered widely in domestic and international media markets.
March 17 1964
Related people
Paul Mocsanyi (moderator)
Leonard Baskin (speaker)
Helen Frankenthaler (speaker)
August Heckscher (speaker)
Lester Johnson (speaker)
Ernest Van Den Haag (speaker)
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