Audio interview with Vera L. Zolberg
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Audio interview with Vera L. Zolberg

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New School Oral History Program

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In this audio interview with librarian Carmen Hendershott, sociology professor emerita Vera Zolberg discusses how she and her husband, Aristide, were invited to join the Graduate Faculty (now, the New School for Social Research) in 1983. She observes the changes the division was experiencing when they arrived, and discusses colleagues including Eric Hobsbawm, Elzbieta Matynia, George Yudice, Jeffrey Goldfarb, Arthur Vidich, Stanley Diamond, Rayna Rapp, and Bill Roseberry. She briefly mentions her husband’s involvement with the Migration Center. Zolberg discusses the need for a physical space where students and faculty from different social science disciplines can come together, the importance of interdisciplinarity, the General Seminars in the Wolff Conference Room, and the Committee on Liberal Studies. Zolberg also describes a feminist scholars program she organized with Ann Snitow, Rayna Rapp, and Louise Tilly. Finally, Zolberg discusses the Gender Studies program.
October 24 2012
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Carmen Hendershott (interviewer)
Vera L. Zolberg (interviewee)
Aristide R. Zolberg (subject)
New School for Social Research (New York, N.Y. : 1919-1997). Graduate Faculty. (subject)
George Yúdice (subject)
Rayna R. Reiter (subject)
Louise Tilly (subject)
New School (New York, N.Y.). New School Archives and Special Collections (publisher)
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