Audio interview with Michael Cohen
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Audio interview with Michael Cohen

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In this audio interview with librarian Carmen Hendershott, Director of the Graduate Program in International Affairs (GPIA) Michael Cohen relates his recruitment by Acting Dean Elissa Tenny and Ed Blakely, dean of the Robert J. Milano Graduate School of Management and Urban Policy, to start a program in international affairs. Cohen talks about the succession of New School deans over his twelve years at the university, the consequences of the merger between GPIA with Milano in 2010, and his hope to establish a global urban future specialization with Milano. Cohen describes the successful development of a concentration on Latin America, beginning with a visit from Argentine president Néstor Kirchner to The New School in 2003. Cohen praises a number of GPIA faculty and administrators. He also emphasizes Julien Studley’s extensive financial support for the program. Cohen outlines what makes the GPIA distinct, and closes with a description of future goals: to transform GPIA from a “project” program to an institution; to encourage a robust program of faculty research, including junior faculty; and to make greater use of New York City.
August 26 2012
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Carmen Hendershott (interviewer)
Michael A. Cohen (interviewee)
Robert J. Milano Graduate School of Management and Urban Policy (subject)
Julien J. Studley (subject)
New School (New York, N.Y.). New School Archives and Special Collections (publisher)
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