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Joseph Kahn Interviews Sylvia Porter and Murray Kempton for "Media in New York"

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Collection: Joseph Kahn audiorecordings of conversations with media personalities

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Physical Audio
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1/4 inch audio cassette
These audio recordings document a session of a New School lecture series hosted by retired New York Post reporter Joseph Kahn, featuring syndicated financial columnist Sylvia Porter and journalist Murray Kempton. Kahn introduces Porter, who discussed the typical day of a daily newspaper columnist, the sources of her story ideas, the gold commodity market, and the prospects of a recession. At 27:51 the floor is opened to questions, the subjects of which include: criticism of President Jimmy Carter's administration's policy toward inflation, and the value of bond markets. Murray Kempton joins the discussion in the last five minutes of the recording, relating an anecdote about his travels in Ireland. The recording ends mid-discussion. In a continuation of the session, audience members pose questions to the panelists, the subjects of which include: the Anthony M. Scotto trial, the problems of foreign investment in the United States, especially from Saudi Arabia, Soviet spying in the United States, the trend of corporate mergers, the IBM antitrust trial, the political biases of the New York Times, and the increasing reliance on access journalism.
October 31 1979
Related people
New School for Social Research (New York, N.Y. : 1919-1997) (producer)
Joseph Kahn (speaker)
Murray Kempton (speaker)
Sylvia Porter (speaker)
Joe Kahn and Sylvia Porter/"Media in New York"/October 31, 1979; Joe Kahn and Murray Kempton/"Media in New York"/October 31, 1979 (container)
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Box 1, Cassette 1

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