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Frank Gehry Lecture

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Collection: Giuseppe Zambonini papers ➔ Series: Open Atelier of Design Lecture Series (KA013001_OA.01)

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Digital Audio
Frank Gehry presents to Open Atelier of Design (OAD) students and Giuseppe Zambonini: Extensive cardboard experiments and tests (fire, acoustics, absorption, etc). Origin of cardboard collection for Bloomingdales (Barbara D’Arcy). Describes the process: die-cut, baling. Shows many examples from the collection. Pieces aged well. Other projects discussed: office system for lighting (1971). Parallel between cardboard and chain-link? Useless attitude by manufacturer; worldwide quantities. Presents his work and materials. Windows. Chain-link fencing material (Gehry residence). Stud framing and the unfinished quality. “Buildings that are unfinished look better than buildings that are finished.” Early cardboard (pre-Bloomingdales). Improving the acoustics at the Hollywood Bowl with sonotubes. Frequency response. Question and answer period: climate considerations; reception of chain-link material; Gehry has moved on from using cardboard, chain-link fencing. 16:55 recording of Zambonini talking with students: relationship between drawing and (architectural) reality.
circa 1977 – 1982
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Robert Irwin (subject)
Barbara D'Arcy White (subject)
Carlo Scarpa (subject)
Frank O. Gehry (speaker)
Michael Graves (subject)
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; Digitization of audiotapes funded by a grant obtained by Robert Kirkbride from Parsons' School of Constructed Environment.

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