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Lecture: Michael; Henry Smith-Miller

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Collection: Giuseppe Zambonini papers ➔ Series: Open Atelier of Design Lecture Series (KA013001_OA.01)

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Digital Audio
Smith-Miller show slides of their work that demonstrate interiors as architecture: early loft conversion for painter; psychiatrist office; hair salon. Rooms within rooms. Sliding door as furniture. Q+A with students. Reticulated structure. Linear elements. Last name of first speaker, Michael, is inaudible.
1977 – 1982
Related people
Louis Kahn (subject)
Michael Graves (subject)
Richard Meier (subject)
Pratt Institute. School of Architecture (subject)
University of Virginia School of Architecture (subject)
Henry Smith-Miller (speaker)
Peter Eisenman (subject)
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; Digitization of audiotapes funded by a grant obtained by Robert Kirkbride from Parsons' School of Constructed Environment.

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