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Nancy Goldring Lecture: Concept of Place

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Giuseppe Zambonini PapersSeries 3. Open Atelier of DesignOpen Atelier of Design Lecture Series

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Digital Audio
Nancy Goldring presents her photodrawings. Describes different places where she created works: West St., New York City. (1974-76). Photo-drawings address relationship with external world and that limit between that world and your own private architecture. How does one translate time passing, images repeating in a single image? Structured her paper to be the same dimensions as the window photographed; projects images onto window blind to create superimposition. Desire to create discontinuity of space/time; visual redundancy. Greece. Drawing series.
circa 1977 – 1982
Related people
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Raimund Abraham (subject)
N. (Nancy) Goldring (speaker)
Mark Rothko (subject)
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