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Richard Serra Lecture (part 1 of 2)

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Collection: Giuseppe Zambonini papers ➔ Series: Open Atelier of Design Lecture Series (KA013001_OA.01)

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Digital Audio
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Richard Serra discusses the difference between architecture and sculpture; difficulty building in urban sites, rather than gallery context; hierarchy of professions and the issues with working with city officials, traffic commission, architects, landscape designers; process of production; difficulty building his projects in the United States. Examples mentioned: Terminal (Bochum, Germany); St. John’s Rotary Arc (New York City Holland tunnel). “Most architecture is horrendous, disgraceful, terrible.” What informs your work? “Logical, internal structure that could be measured to a millimeter. Never start with a notion.”
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; Digitization of audiotapes funded by a grant obtained by Robert Kirkbride from Parsons' School of Constructed Environment.

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