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Peter Eisenman and Raimund Abraham Lectures

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Collection: Giuseppe Zambonini papers ➔ Series: New York School of Interior Design (KA013001.02)

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Digital Audio
Recording begins 0:45. Is a designer an artist? Giuseppe Zambonini discusses with students. Peter Eisenman recording (of New York School of Interior Design lecture) begins 1:35. Eisenman states that his only achievement in his own work is making objects of value look ordinary. Eisenman ends 3:19. Raimund Abraham presentation begins 3:52: design and intent; including conflict and irrationality; architecture as idea (writings, drawings, buildings). Discusses Ernst Mach, geometric space, physiological space. Abraham: my theory is parallel to work; work (internal) then theory (external). Origins of architecture: pre-geometric and intentional geometric. Shelter, textile. Spacesuit design. Light and architectural space. Andrea Mantegna’s circle versus the square (infinity of the sky). Building and landscape. Abraham reflects on an early (1959) residential project; another where the topography generates program, south of Vienna; utopian architecture leading to utopian society (early 1960s). Horizontal skyscrapers. Houses with two horizons. House with permanent shadows. House with three walls. House with flower walls. Recording ends before end of lecture.
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Martin Heidegger (subject)
Ernst Mach (subject)
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Andrea Mantegna (subject)
Andrea Palladio (subject)
Colin Rowe (subject)
Ledoux (subject)
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Architectural League of New York (subject)
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