Print of zinc-plate etching in six panels
Print of zinc-plate etching in six panels
Print of zinc-plate etching in six panels
Object Title

Print of zinc-plate etching in six panels

Part of

Etching in Six Panels, by Edgar Levy, Adolph Gottlieb, Esther Gottlieb, Lucille Corcos, David Smith and Dorothy Dehner

Material Category
Type of Work
intaglio prints
Print from an edition of 100 made in 1974 from a 1933 zinc-plate etching. The etching is divided into a grid of six panels, in which each of the artists etched a portrait of another member of the group, all on a single etching plate. From top left to right, the portraits are: Lucille Corcos, by Dorothy Dehner; David Smith, by Lucille Corcos; Adolph Gottlieb, by Edgar Levy. Bottom row: Edgar Levy, by Esther Gottlieb; Dorothy Dehner, by Adolph Gottlieb; Esther Gottlieb, by David Smith. A small cat and alligator were etched by Edgar Levy into the middle border, between panels.
1933 – 1974
Related people
Edgar W. Levy (artist)
Lucille Corcos (artist)
Dorothy Dehner (artist)
David Smith (artist)
Esther Gottlieb (artist)
Adolph Gottlieb (artist)
9.8 in (height) x 10.2 in (width)
Rights (copyrighted)
box k_15, folder 9

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