One-Sleeved Evening Dress with High Skirt Slit
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One-Sleeved Evening Dress with High Skirt Slit

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Collection: Fred Greenhill fashion illustrations

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Woman leaning on a chair while wearing a draped evening dress by an unknown designer featuring a singular wide sleeve, extremely high skirt slit, and what appears to be a jeweled embellishment on the proper left shoulder. The woman also appears to be wearing stockings, a jeweled bracelet, and jeweled earrings. This image was presumably used for one of the many department store advertisements that were illustrated by Greenhill, and is very similar to another illustration found within this collection that appears to depict the same outfit shown in a different position, indicating that Greenhill created multiple versions of his illustrations.
Related person
Fred Greenhill (artist)
15 in (width) x 22 in (height)
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box OSxxx1, folder 7
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One-Sleeved Evening Dress with High Skirt Slit

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