Object Title

Barbecue at Old Mill, 1937

Part of

Hiram Halle Home Movies of Annual Barbecue for University in Exile at Pound Ridge

Material Category
Physical Film
Type of Work
16mm film
Opening sequence and last half were shot at Halle's residence in Pound Ridge, New York. The barbecue itself was held at the Old Mill. The party most likely started with a barbecue lunch at the mill, then everyone moved on to Halle's house for an afternoon of croquet, archery, and conversation on the lawn. Individuals tentatively identified: Clara Mayer (green jacket, 02:37);  Eduard Heimann (bottom right, 03:19); Frieda Wunderlich (upper right, 03:28; right, 05:08; alone in frame, 08:49); Hans Speier (left, 03:36; on right, playing horseshoes, 09:29; shooting arrow to right of Halle, 11:16); Emil Lederer (bending over, 3rd from right, 04:06); Arthur Feiler (2nd from right, 04:43); Alvin Johnson (left, 04:58).
circa 1937
Related people
Hiram J. Halle (producer)
Clara W. Mayer (subject)
Eduard Heimann (subject)
Frieda Wunderlich (subject)
Hans Speier (subject)
Emil Lederer (subject)
Arthur Feiler (subject)
Alvin Saunders Johnson (subject)
[Barbe]cue at Old Mill, 1937 (text)
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http://rightsstatements.org/vocab/InC/1.0/ (copyrighted)

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