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The University Seminar Papers consist of a series of detailed reports written between 1994 and 2010, compiled by various administrative departments of The New School, analyzing the history and current activities and functions of many facets of university administration. Begun under New School president Jonathan Fanton in 1994 with the title, “Discussion Papers,” the project was a joint initiative of the offices of the New School Provost and the Secretary of the Corporation, although administrators from many departments, as well as deans, and occasionally the president, contributed to the project. and, occasionally, the president of The New School. The first two papers in the series are a report on the board of trustees and visiting committees of the New School for Social Research issued by Robert A. Gates, Secretary of the Corporation, on October 10, 1994, and a report on the faculty appointments process issued by Judith B. Walzer, Provost, in the Fall of 1994. The discussion papers were posted on The New School website, and focused on topics such as Facilities and Campus Planning, Technology and Computing, Student Services, the Annual Operating and Capital Budgets, Arts at The New School, The New School Diversity Initiative, and Academic Planning. Also included is a more outward-looking report on the state of federal and state support for higher education. A small number of papers examine aspects of academic programs, including undergraduate liberal studies and the arts

From Fall 1999 to Spring 2004, the reports were referred to as “University Seminar Papers,” and as early as 2001, during the presidential term of Bob Kerrey, the papers were presented publicly at New School University as part of a series entitled, “The Seminar on the University,” billed as “a series of discussions designed to inform the New School community of University policies and initiatives” and intended to invite discussion from interested participants. In a 2002 paper on the budget submitted by provost, Elizabeth Dickey explains that the seminar was intended to be "an open discussion of policy
issues and choices that ultimately will determine the final operating budget for the new year." From 2004 to 2007, the reports were referred to as “Discussion Papers” before reverting again to the previous title of “University Seminar Papers.” The latest of the Seminar Papers known to have been written is dated Spring of 2010, the final year of Bob Kerrey’s presidency.


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